Anton & Gemma – Wedding (Leez Priory)

Anton & Gemma got married this December 27th at the amazing Leez Priory in Chelmsford.  What’s even more amazing about their Wedding is that they both now live in Australia and co-ordinated it (well mostly Gemma did..hehe)  all from over there, including booking the venue and yours truly.  Anton & Gemma are just the coolest couple and so easy to get on with (just ask Anton about the time he bumped into Ryan Giggs in a mens loo – and offered him some sage career advice lol!) so the whole day just had this amazing buzz around it as all their family & friends from the UK, Australia and even America all got together for this massive reunion and send off including Anton’s seven groomsmen (inc two best men) and Gemma’s four close bridesmaids.  Even though they faced the challenge of organising a wedding from abroad I loved their attention to detail and the effort they went to to make every single guest special and a part of the day.  So for instance they de-assembled and flew over with them some gorgeous centre pieces, and hand wrote a personal note and gave a little present to every single guest.  I’m fast appreciating that every season has something special to offer, and Christmas weddings are so amazing because Christmas is usually a time for family and just having everybody together celebrating a Wedding so close to it with the mulled wine, Christmas decorations and carols playing just is like the best of everything combined! Gemma & Anton’s wedding is the kind I love where you can tell they’re just made for each other, they’re surrounded by family and friends that you know truly love and care for them and best of all for me, they invite you in and treat you not as an outsider but as a guest to be a part of it all…here’s a few from the day: enjoy!

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