“…We’d trawlled the internet for a photographer and were getting really fed up of seeing the “same old” boring wedding photos. We found Mick’s website and loved his worked instantly. His work was fun, stylish and really unusual. Exactly what we’d been looking for! Mick is a very funny guy and has the ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease infront of the camera. It was a pleasure having Mick at our wedding – we felt so confident he’d get along with everyone we decided to seat him with our familiy at dinner. He’s also really good at blending into the the background during the quieter moments, I didnt even notice he was there during the speeches! He judges the mood perfectly. We were over the moon with our photos. Mick captured the mood of the day perfectly – looking through the pictures was like reliving the day. All of our friends and family have loved the photos and are all desperate to get copies for themselves and I would tell any couples thinking of booking Mick to do it quick before he gets booked by someone else! So many of my friends and family have said that they will be contacting him for their weddings….”  KATIE & SCOTT  (click their name to see their wedding)

“…Mick is an open, honest, friendly and funny guy, who seemed to totally get the style of photography we wanted for our wedding.  Miki’s package included an engagement shoot, which really appealed to us, so we had a fantastic afternoon in London, getting to know him, and him us, as well as getting some super shots! From those photos Mick took on board all our comments so on the big day he knew exactly which shots we would want and which shots we would be less crazy about. He is a dedicated, passionate, inventive and simply brilliant photographer, and also a genuinely lovely, friendly bloke, who made us and our guests feel at ease at all times. We absolutely loved having him with us on the day, as did our guests – the compliments haven’t stopped coming! The photos were simply stunning, even breathtaking.  Everyone seems to genuinely love them. One guest  exclaimed, “…These are the best wedding photos I have ever seen!…” We couldn’t agree more. Even if we are a little biased!  We searched high and low before we found Mick, so we know what other photographers can offer within a similar price bracket – very few appear to have the skill, creativity and passion of Mick.  He was fantastic value – but for us, photos and memories as awesome as these are priceless.  WE LOVE MIKI PHOTOGRAPHY!…”.  JAMES & STEPHANIE

“…We saw an interview on Rock and Roll Bride with Mick. He came across as a genuine guy with a passion for photography and the examples of his work were just what we were looking for. Mick is a very likeable and personable guy who is a energetic, passionate photographer who will put time and effort into getting to know you so he can accurately portray your wedding.   He has a skill a lot of photographers don’t have; the ability to just fit in with your day and become a great guest at your wedding.  What this means is that he can get people to relax and open up just by talking with them, getting them to like him and therefore he can get a great, relaxed, natural picture.  Everyone at our wedding loved Mick!  He also spends lots of time getting to know you both – he wants to photograph *your* wedding and portray you as who you are. He is genuinely invested in your day and you as a couple and wants to show your personality in your pictures.  I am not exaggerating when I say we were blown away.  When we got our first looks on his blog we had so many amazing comments from guests and non-guests. One common comment was ‘these are the most amazing wedding photos I’ve ever seen’.  We just love them; they completely capture the whole day…”.  KELLY & TONY

“…We were sold the moment we saw his work and his Engagement shoot with us firmly sealed the deal. I never smile in pictures. I find it impossible. Its a problem. In short, when I smile in pictures I look slightly manic. So I have a lot of pictures with a “mean and moody” look. My Wife was tired of this! Any man that can get me to smile, and not look crazy is, in short, amazing. The great thing about that, is after that shoot, you have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. We always knew that our pictures were going to be amazing…and they were! His pictures didn’t just capture our day, but they captured, us, our family, our friends, our essence. One particular picture of all of our bridal party and grooms party and amongst all our friends and family has has become ‘iconic’ – it’s over 20 people, including kids, looking amazing…and I haven’t even moved onto the picture of 20 or so people, walking down Abbey Road in a line stopping traffic – Miki did that!! These picture will take pride of place on our wall and reminds my Wife and I how extremely blessed we are to have the family and friends that we have. I still can’t look at my pictures without becoming a little bit emotional. We’ve recently just had a little boy, and we asked Miki to be there for his naming – again because its important for us to really capture those memories, and to be frank – we trust and know that he will do exactly that. And, guess what – he did. Lastly, I think one of the things that makes him so great, is that he is truly passionate about what he does, and it shows. Every time. God bless Miki!…”.  RUSSELL & NANA

“Loved his photos – had spotted his work on several blogs and after checking out the images on his own site, I decided to find out if he was free. The photography was at the top of my list, and I wanted a very particular look – Mick’s versatility is what attracted me to hiring him. Even though he’s based in London, Mick was prepared to fly up to Newcastle, and spend some time beforehand getting to know the venues and area, and us. He was always available by phone, and I knew we absolutely had to book him as soon as I’d spoken to him. He captured our unique film wedding, and knew that the tiny details were just as important as the big ones, and our final set of photos proves that. He was amazing at our wedding and can’t thank him enough for creating wedding photos which are truly individual to our day.  WE LOVE THEM!!!…’Live long and prosper!’…”.  AMY & PHIL

“…Mick is unique, his photos stand out amongst the crowd. His customer service is first class and I would recommend him very highly to anyone wanting fabulous photos for their special occasion! We wanted a contemporary and unique portrayal of our wedding. Mick was so friendly, enthusiastic, supportive, listened to our requirements and reproduced them initially for the engagement shoot so we were totally reassured that he would deliver on the day and he did!…”. PEN & JEFF

“…Mick is not only a fantastic, creative& energetic photographer, but he is very personable & great to spend time with. He put my (now) husband & I at ease right from the start. He is very sure about how to achieve fabulous images & has an imaginative flair that will go far beyond ones expectations! His work is outstanding. You would only have to look at it to know, and spend some time with him to understand how his personal approach aids what he’s able to capture from people that he works with.  We have had a great time looking at the pictures ooover and over again and we couldn’t wait for our family and friends to see them too!  We couldn’t thank him enough for capturing our wedding day so beautifully; truly one of the most memorable and treasured days of our lives….”.  REBECCA & PHILIP 

“…Mick was amazing, he was great fun and fitted in as one of the guests. He also served as a brilliant organiser, occasionally prompting me of the things on our “day plan”. Lots of guests have remarked how fun our Photographer was! The pictures are awesome and he pretty much captured every part of the day!…”.  HELEN & NICK

 …Mick was really easy to talk to from the first time we discussed what Luke and I wanted for our wedding. The engagement shoot that was included really helped us to relax and get to know Mick, even with our camera-shy ways!  Mick was great on the wedding day with us and all the guests and everyone has absolutely loved the photographs and for us the results are a pleasure to view and we’ll treasure them as we look back on the day with such fond memories….”.  REBECCA & LUKE

And a  few more quotes…(taken from the Wedding Industry Awards 2013)

“…Mick understood our vision precisely. His correspondence was truly amazing and he would keep us updated every step of the way. He also finished our wedding pictures the day after our wedding! That was great. My portrait shots were like something out of a magazine….”.

“…Mick or Miki Photography was absolutely amazing on the day, first and foremost my wife said he really broke the tension in the morning by being funny and just relaxing everyone. Everyone loved him on the day and the results are absolutely amazing – we feel like models! He went above and beyond…”.

“…My wife and I were very pleased with Miki’s work and we were excited to see what he would do with our wedding photos. Yet again he has proven himself, and through it you are able to see how much he loves his work. Our day has been immortalised through perfect imagery. Thanks again Mick…”.

  “…We didn’t want “the usual” wedding photos, we wanted something different and FUN, and that is what we got with Mick. His eye for capturing the moment is incredible and his talent for spotting interesting and unusual settings and light is amazing. We were over the moon with the final pictures!…”.

“…Miki photography totally encapsulated our wedding and provided us with a fabulous experience and an extensive album of memories which totally tells the story of our wedding, from our engagement shoot to the final shot of the night. A timeless album that will not be put in the loft!…”.

“…Mick was friendly, discreet, quick on his feet when thinking of shots and took some truly amazing pictures….”.

“…On both our enagament shoot and wedding day, Miki was attentive and got the exact delivery of photos that we wanted. He was a good laugh but very profesional. Everyone commented on how amazing he was….”.

“…WE LOVE MIKIPHOTOGRAPHY!! Mick is a dedicated, passionate, inventive and simply brilliant photographer, and also a genuinely lovely, friendly bloke, making us feel at ease at all times. We absolutely loved having him with us on the day, as did our guests – the compliments haven’t stopped coming!…”.

Miki felt like part of the family, he made me (someone who hates the camera) feel so relaxed. He was easy to talk to with a great sense of humour which made it such a relaxing atmosphere where I was not worrying about how the photos will turn out as I had the utmost confidence in him. Overwelmed…”.

After reading the above if you’re thinking of booking me for your wedding, or would just like to ask a few questions please get in touch, I would love to chat to you… 

Look forward to hearing from you!

Take Care

Mick (Miki Photography)