Jeff & Pen’s 50’s Rock n Roll Wedding – First Looks (Winchester/Basingstoke)

Jeff & Pen are a Rock n Roll Couple in every sense of the word. I mean they actually live and breathe this stuff!…They love the music the dress, visit the fairs, have the classic cars, take jive lessons…Jeff even wears a quiff 24/7! So when it came to choosing a theme for their wedding it really was no surprise.  1950’s dress was a must for all who came and so for one afternoon, Norton Park Hotel, in between Winchester & Basingstoke, where they got married, was turned into a 1950’s Rock n Roll Emporium complete with Chevy trucks, Harley Bikes, Elvis DJ, Tattoos and Jive dancing.  Needless to say everyone had fun and got into the swing of things. (pun intended!) Here’s a few first looks…enjoy!

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