Rob & Yemi Wedding (London)

Rob & Yemi had their 1st date in Thailand, 2nd date Korea and 3rd date California so it was something of an international courtship to say the least! Although Yemi’s from London, Rob’s from California and in the navy and so to make their relationship work they had to find the nearest country to where he was posted in at the time.  So it was awesome to be asked to cover their Wedding in the heart of London at Westminster Central Hall.  Being from Nigeria, Yemi’s family added the colour and it was a very poignant service followed by a reception at the Surrey National Golf Centre.  We were blessed with great light but it was freeezzziinngg (check out the snow) but Yemi’s bridesmaids including her sisters were determined to get their shots so braved the cold.  Yemi, daughter Aaliyah was very much part of the proceedings and it was touching to see how Rob and her interacted.  They will be moving as a family to Japan within a week of the wedding to start a new life so the reception was filled with an extra sense of emotion as it was almost like the whole family was sending them off.  Although very modern it was nice to see elements of  Nigerian culture and Spirituality sown into the day as well as a lot of laughing and it’s always a privilege to not only be allowed to capture these moments but to be included as part of the day itself! Congratulations Rob & Yemi!


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