Ruth & Max ‘Scrabble Themed’ Wedding (London)

Ruth and Max are one the most eclectic couples I know and they’re sooo made for each other!  So when it came to their choice of theme for their wedding it was obviously going to be….Scrabble! Their love affair with that well known word game goes far deeper than I could ever write about here but if you don’t believe me, check out Ruth’s awesome letter tattoo on her foot!   Needless to say their wedding rocked! First off they had it had the fantastic Devonshire Terrace, secondly they had their amazing close friends as bridesmaids and groomsmen who also helped to put the finishing touches to Ruth & max’s vision for the day.  Thirdly the scrabble theme was lovingly embroidered into the day whether it was the buttonholes for the groomsmen, necklaces/bracelets for the bridesmaids, scrabble boards for the guests to play on during reception drinks, place settings, the brides bouquet…well you get the picture! But to top it all off the place settings of each table were named after a Scrabble letter which represented a theme, which then had little props.  So for example P is for puzzle, so that table had all puzzels on it. (My personal fave was the L is for Lego!!!) They also had a Wedding Cake of cheese and the Bride arrived at the venue driven by her dad in his awesome restored vintage sports car.  They had five very funny but very touching speeches complete with fantastic slideshows thrown in before everyone tucked into a delicious three course meal.  Just before everyone got on the dance floor they were all given a goodie bag which not only had some scrumptious treats in it but also had those nightclubbing, day-glow bendy things that I have no idea what you call thingymagiggies in for us to all play around with and wear.  This was an amazing day and sometimes I really do have to remind myself  that this is actually a ‘job’,  ’cause I had just as much fun as any guest….

…..That’s me on the left – I was going for ‘ganster cool’…definitely not working!  Congratulations Ruth & Max, you guys are DA BOMB! : )

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